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At West Wales Drone Services we provide commercial and non-commercial services in Wales and the UK with a high level of service. 

We like to build up a good business relationship with our client's new and old so we can then provide a quality service you can count on.

Our drone operators keep up to date with all relevant regulations and work with local authorities, police and air traffic control (ATC) if required  so we can provide the safest, most reliable service possible.

We can also provide ground based photography, we work with both drone operators and photographers to provide a complete package.

We have recently gained a Drone Thermography Level 1 Certification, this means we will soon be offering thermal inspection services to go along side our other services.

We fly drones, but we can also create your business or organisation a website.  We can take all the aerial and ground based photo's and video's and then add them to a new site created by us! 

We can cater for all of the following services and more, please don't hesitate contact us with your requirements.



At West Wales Drone Services, we offer drone-based aerial photography within the construction industry for all types of clients. 

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Photography & Video

At West Wales Drone Services, we offer aerial and ground-based photography and video for all types of sectors and events for all types of clients. 



At West Wales Drone Services, we offer drone-based aerial photography within the property industry for all types of clients. 


Other Services

At West Wales Drone Services, we offer other services for all sectors, public and commercial and for all types of clients. 


Aerial Inspections

Stop spending money on scaffolding and inspection floors and instead opt for West Wales Drone Services aerial inspection service. Providing a cost effective solution, our drones can zoom-in on potential problem areas on a range of buildings and structures.

Once the inspection is complete, you’ll be provided with a range of photographic and video content to help inform any next steps.



At West Wales Drone Services, we offer drone-based aerial event photography and video for all types of clients.