DJI Zenmuse XT S Thermal Camera

DJI Zenmuse XT S Thermal Camera

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DJI Zenmuse XT S - Refined Thermal Imaging


The Zenmuse XT S has been created to deal with the toughest thermal imaging applications, such as long-range inspections, and produces clear and detailed thermal imagery.


The camera has a 19mm lens on a 640x512, 25Hz refresh rate radiometric sensor. It also has 2x and 4x digital zoom capabilities.


A live view of thermal data is streamed directly to the operator on their mobile device through the DJI Pilot app, where they can access intelligent features that can quickly get insights from the thermal data.  


The radiometric sensor on the Zenmuse XT S captures temperature data on each picture and, when stored in R-JPEG file formats, can be analysed later using the DJI Thermal Analysis Tool software to adjust parameters, such as emissivity and reflected temperature for a more detailed inspection report.

Key Thermal Features


The Zenmuse XT S has a range of features which allow the user to gain vital thermal insights. These include:


Spot Metre: Tap a point for real-time temperature measurements.

Area Measurement: Select an area to get the max, min and average temperatures.

Temp Alarm: Get notified when an object’s temperature exceeds a pre-set limit.

Colour Palettes: Adjust the colours applied to thermal data.

Isotherm: Select how colours are distributed across a specific temperature range.



How A Thermal Camera Can Help Your Missions

Fighting Fires

Thermal cameras can see through smoke and show hotspots, providing vital situational awareness, helping to shape firefighting tactics and enhance crew safety.  

Finding Missing People

Thermal cameras on a drone have a track record of finding missing people, as the drone covers large areas quickly and the camera can detect heat sources.   

Infrastructure Inspections

Inspect infrastructure more effectively and efficiently and use thermal imaging to get key insights about your asset, such as potential leakages in energy or heat escape. 

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