Quick Turnaround

We recently had the privilege of working on a project for Adler & Allan, providing aerial imagery, mapping, video, ground based photography and also interviewing staff for a future documentary.

Onsite We worked with Owen Lecraw who required aerial footage, video and mapping of the site they were working on. It required me to return each week to record and monitor progress, as well as to take images and video from multiple locations around the area. Owen was precise with his requirements and we managed to get the required footage and more.

Another requirement was to interview a selection of staff onsite for a future documentary. On this part of the project I worked with Susan Ahrensmeier who did the interviewing as we recorded the footage to be sent to there production company.

All in all it was an very good and interesting experience to work with Owen, Susan and some of the other staff from Adler & Allan as well as other contractors onsite. They were all very professional, friendly and willing to explain what they were doing and what they aimed to achieve.

We were also able to be onsite a few hours after the initial contact to provide same day support.


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