Want to inspect a roof 10 times faster?

Rooftops are a critical part of building infrastructure and must be monitored carefully. Automatically collect high resolution roof imagery and generate comprehensive roof reports much faster than traditional methods.

UAV's/Drone's provide a flexible solution for high level aerial surveys and drone roof inspections. We can give you the ability to view footage in real time and steer the camera to points of interest. Alternatively we can work in partnership with your nominated surveyor.

A scaffold to access the roof of a normal family home is in excess of £1000. It can be weeks before the scaffolding is erected and the same before it can be taken down again. It seems like a lot of hassle to check the condition of your roof, and what if you don't find much wrong? That's thousands wasted!

Drone photo or Video Roof Inspection allows you to check the condition of your roof and it's structures at a low cost, with low inconvenience and low impact on your families living environment.  Our domestic video roof survey takes around an hour, provides a comprehensive record of your roofs condition and can inspect even the most awkward areas. You can see the results immediately and make the right decisions about your properties maintenance needs.

Images can be supplied in jpeg or RAW formats, allowing faults or areas of concern to be more easily highlighted.