Drone technology used for incident and environmental support is a game changer. 

Using UAV's/Drones for an incident or environmental issues can be performed from a safe distance without the fear of staff being put in harm's way, or risk of contaminating or disturbing the scene.  We are able to stay at a safe distance and using our range of UAV's/drones we can inspect from every angle.  Normally we can provide same day support (depending on permissions) and be onsite within a few hours. Our UAV’s/Drones are GPS enabled, so every photo can be taken from the exact same position, every time we visit site.

Site Mapping– We can fly a pre-programmed flight and allow the UAV to capture data of the site, these images can be uploaded converted into a complete map, leaving traditional methods behind by days or even weeks, this is useful when looking for contaminants within within a pre-determined area.  This can then be replicated for multiple flights over a period of time.

Thermal - We also can provide a "Thermal Drone" for added safety to search for both heat sources on volatile sites/scenes or to search for missing persons.  The drone can give you an accurate temperature of a specific area.  This can cut down the risk to staff, public and public services in the area,  tis can help if explosive or volatile substances are onsite.

Safety – We provide a solution to eliminate working at height and keeping feet on the ground, as well as keeping staff well out of harm's way avoiding dangerous chemicals and contaminants. There will be no need to hire expensive scaffolding as we can operate up to 400ft, or hiring and using protective equipment when its not required. Our UAV’s/Drones will capture all the data required. You can view the drones live stream and coordinate with the operator to the issue areas. Data is handed over on job completion or can be downloaded at a later date.