Drone technology in the Construction Industry is a game changer. 

Progression Photography– We offer a cost effective service, capturing data from different angles of your site, we can return as many times as you would like, these images and videos are very useful for site progress reports, meaning that you do not necessarily have to visit or be on the site yourself, which means you can be updated from the comfort of your office or home. Our UAV’s/Drones are GPS enabled, so every photo can be taken from the exact same position, every time we visit site.

Site Mapping– We can fly a pre-programmed flight and allow the UAV to capture data of the site, these images can be uploaded converted into a complete map, leaving traditional methods behind by days or even weeks.

Safety – We provide a solution to eliminate working at height and keeping feet on the ground, with there being no need to hire expensive scaffolding as we can operate up to 400ft. Our UAV’s/Drones will capture all the data required, whilst we and your staff are safely on the ground. You can view the drones live stream and coordinate with the operator to the issue areas. Data is handed over on job completion or can be downloaded at a later date.