One of our clients has been struck hard by the storm we have just had which can be seen in the photo. Please see the message below from them and please help by donating.

Our field shelters and fences were destroyed due to the high winds during storm Arwen. This has left our animals without any shelter just before winter.

Our donkeys have been moved offsite to a different farm as they cannot live without shelter!

Any donation's on our Crowdfunder page would be a great help towards the costs of replacing them.

Thanks Jeff

Replacement of animal shelters - a Personal Causes crowdfunding project in Carmarthen by Jeff Clarke (

We maybe coming into Winter in Wales but when its nice its stunning in the hills and valleys of Ceredigion. Had 2 properties to photograph for a local estate agent, the sun came out and I was able to get straight out and onto each site. Had to combat 2 RAF planes dog fighting around the one site but I just downed the drone and sat and watched for half an hour until they finished. Nice day to watch the professionals fly, and still managed to do the 2 jobs.

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Updated: Sep 6, 2021

Not everyday you get to fly drones on a working airports runway! On site at West Wales Airport doing a pre-flight assessment for a flight next week. Checking to see if the drones geozone will need unlocking. (we have permission from the airport to fly in this area, they booked us. If your flying near an airport you always need permission, especially this one as it’s used by the MOD. You will also need there permission.)