We are a West Wales based company, providing aerial photography and video services. Located in a great location to cover all of Wales as well as most of England through our network of partner companies.

We welcome all enquiries from film and television companies, public service and safety sectors, farming and agriculture sectors, science a research sectors, agricultural sectors, roof survey companies, construction and development sectors, surveillance sectors, private hire (weddings, caravan parks, golf courses, events etc.), and many more.

We not only fly drones, we can also create your business or organisation a website.  We can take the aerial and ground based photo's and video's and add them to a new site created by us! 

West Wales Drone Services is authorised by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) Permission for Commercial Operations (PfCO) now known as Operational Authorisation.  This means, as a commercial operator of UAV's we are regulated by the CAA. We also  have full approval for ‘night operations’.


CAA PfCO (Operational Authorisation) No. 8621.

We also now hold the new A2 C of C Certification and we also now hold a Drone Thermography Level 1 Certification.