Aerial Photography

Aerial Photography offers spectacular insights into structures or large areas on the ground, and offers a better view than  ground based photography.  By capturing a panorama of stunning scenery, a historical building or an outdoor event, we can provide you with breath taking still aerial images for all types of promotions, publishing, or just because they are wonderful to own. Our professional drones, make our arial photography service top class.

Our aerial filming footage looks stunning on the big screen, small screen and mobile devices alike. Our Drone's (UAV's) provide you with truly first class footage, whichever of our aerial services you choose. We enjoy to create great moving images and achieve it using high spec equipment, experience, imagination and pride.  Find out more about our aerial filming services.

Aerial Survey

Aerial surveys make your surveying work quicker, safer and far most cost-effective. By using the latest Drones (UAV's) we capture high res images, resulting in the compilation of a comprehensive record of your buildings  and site. Our drones can take detailed photographs from virtually any height and angle, allowing your engineers a comprehensive and safe view of the task at hand. The information gathered can be used by engineers on the ground, in safety, to make calm, unhurried decisions about maintenance and repair needs.   West Wales Drones can assist you with building surveys, facilities management, insurance surveys, roof surveys, utilities surveys and images relating to wind turbines and solar panels.

Editing, Production and Web Design

we ensure all footage is produced and edited to the highest standard. Therefore, every photograph we take from above tells a story, and the key to producing a story worth reading is making it flow. This means editing  and assembling the best footage into the final product including titles, annotations, transitions and not forgetting music. We offer a professional editing suite and can process all the images from your shoot, transforming them into unique treated stills or a film.  We can produce a bespoke film for you that shows who you or you company are and ensure it matches your requirements.

Not only do we take aerial photo's and video's we can also create you a website to put them on! We have multiple options from design, create handover to design, create, maintain and support. We like to work closely with you to create a site that will be just what your looking for, we dont rush as we like to get it right first time! We have various options for payment depending on your budget and cashflow, we can be paid monthly or for the year (only on maintain and support contracts) or just be paid for the work we do for you.

Aerial Services

We are a Wales based company specialising in aerial photography, aerial filming and aerial mapping and  survey. We work closely with you so that we can fully understand your requirements. Working along side you, we ensure the end result is perfect. What ever aerial services you require, we can tailor it to suit your needs. Being based in Mid-Wales, we have excellent access to transport routes serving the whole Wales and also into England.  We work closely with a Midlands based company "Drone Media productions"  which enables us to cover most of the UK, this also enables us to work as a team on project's together or on multiple sites at once.

Thermal Imaging

In conjuction with Drone Media Productions we are now able to offer a thermal imaging service in Wales, Staffordshire, Cheshire and  West Midlands area's.

Thermal Imaging uses infrared camera technology to detect differences in surface temperatures. Traditionally, thermal imagery uses handheld thermal imaging cameras for a variety of different uses, and covering large areas is both costly and time-consuming. West Wales Drone Services utilise the best in UAV mounted infrared camera technology to deliver quality thermographic surveys, quickly, cost-effectively and safely.

The use of thermal imaging has been changing the landscape of survey and inspection services across the UK for several years. Combined with the modern capabilities of commercial UAV services, they form a powerful combination.

Thermal imaging can be used to identify:

  • Thermal bridging

  • Heat loss

  • Water ingress

  • Roof leaks

  • Missing insulation

  • Damp

  • Leaking pipes

  • Cracks & Structural Weak Points

  • and more

These are all issues that the naked eye generally "CANNOT" see and is one of the highlight benefits to the service. Thermal Imaging can see the problems that the naked eye simply cannot.

Ground Based Photography, Videography and Time Lapse

In conjuction with our aerial services we can also offer conventional photography, video and time lapse video.  We use high resolution DSLR camera's for high quality photos for for use at weddings, commercial properties, estate agents and events, we can provide multiple camera's on location from 1 person 1 camera to 3 camera's with 3 staff.  This can then also be combined with drone footage and ground footage for your event. 


We use multiple HD recording devices for video, from DSLR camera's,  DJI Osmo devices and Go Pro's depending on what you require and again we can provide multiple devices and staff if required. 


We also can provide HD time lapse camera's for any project/site, this can be on location from 1 day to over 1 year depending on your project (site visit's will be required for battery change and data removal at extra cost).  We can provide multiple angles and delays depending on what you require.




We are a Wales based company, in a perfect location to travel throughout Wales and into the UK. Providing aerial photography and video services, as well as Conventional Photography, Thermal Imaging and Time Lapse. We use UAV's or ‘Drones’ to capture Stunning images and videos from an aerial perspective.

We can provide aerial filming, aerial photography, aerial mapping, site progression, survey and thermal imaging services throughout Wales and most of the UK. We offer high quality aerial imagery for a wide range of applications at affordable prices. Whether you have used drone photography and filming services before, or are just exploring the possibilities, let us be your guide.

Aerial filming & aerial photography offers an unprecedented level of creative freedom. Using our drones for photography provides outstanding images in a safe, cost effective way. Aerial photography offers corporate clients the opportunity to view their land and buildings from any position. Add drone filming to the equation to get vivid, unique & dynamic footage for use across your business. From commercial marketing videos to promotional photographs, our highly skilled drone operators provide you with high quality aerial images of your land or structures.  Thermal Imaging uses infrared camera technology to detect differences in surface temperatures. Traditionally, thermal imagery uses handheld thermal imaging cameras for a variety of different uses, and covering large areas is costly and time-consuming.
We utilise the best in UAV mounted infrared camera technology to deliver quality thermographic surveys, quickly, cost-effectively and safely. Drone photography is not just for commercial clients, you can commission us to photograph homes, events and special occasions to.

We can also provide conventional ground based photography and video for all types of events from wedding's, estate agent's, car meets and County show's.  We also provide time lapse HD video for building sites, demolition sites and events.


We not only fly drones, we can also create your business or organisation a website.  We can take the aerial and ground based photo's and video's and add them to a new site created by us! 

West Wales Drone Services are CAA authorised and hold upto £10,000,000 in public liability insurance upon request (£1,000,000 as standard).

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