Day & Night Flight operations; indoors & outdoors; Cinematography; Thermal UASs & UAVs (Drones)

Fully endorsed by the UK Civil Aviation Authority with an Operational Authorisation and A2CofC

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At West Wales Drone Services we create high quality aerial drone mapping, filming and photography in Wales and throughout the UK.

We use the latest Lumix DSLR Camera's, GoPro's, DJI Ronin and Osmo Camera Gimbal's, DJI Mavic 2 Pro,  Enterprise Dual Thermal as well as the DJI Mini 2 for work in built up area's. We also have access to other drones and camera equipment to capture stunning 4k video and HDR stills. We are specialists in the acquisition and processing of photographs, and in the creation of high quality digital imagery products including 4k video.  We are a company that prides itself on working to strict flight plans to promote the safety of drone flights in the UK. We always adhere to all the CAA rules and regulations to work in a fully safe environment. As a company we hold a Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) Permission to fly Commercial Operations "Operational Authorisation" and an A2CofC throughout the UK, we are fully insured and hold public liability and Professional Indemnity insurance.  We hold a Drone Thermography Level 1 Certification, this will enable us to provide Thermal inspections on buildings and solar panels to name a few. We also have a clear and current DBS check if required.

We also have the ability to provide conventional photography and video ranging from Headshots and Portraits to event photography and video.  This combined with aerial footage we can provide an all in one solution for your event or business. We have a vast knowledge in the basic functions of the camera that enables us to get that required shot, and have invested in the latest technology to assist the processing and editing of all imagery.​

As Operational Authorisation holders we have to follow all the required safety precautions, we contact all required bodies for authorisation and permission to fly (Air traffic control, RAF, MOD, Police, Land owners and any other persons or bodies that may be required).  We also provide a pre-site and on-site risk assessment as part of our flight planning procedure, we work through an extensive pre-flight and post-flight checklist to ensure our equipment is in good working order.  All our flights are logged onto our system which can be handed over 24 hours after job completion as a flight pack for your records.  We follow these procedures to make sure every flight we make is safe not only for us but for every client we do work for.

Please Note.  You should always make sure any operator you hire has the correct procedure and paperwork in place.  All operators offering a commercial drone service should have drone specific commercial insurance and public liability and not operate on normal insurance, the drone being used should also have their operator ID label on it.  Operators operating with an A2CofC should not operate over people or buildings, sub 250g drone operators should not fly over crowds as per CAA regulations.